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          LARK x Garage Project Fresh IPA Cask LARK x Garage Project Fresh IPA Cask
          An outrageously vibrant single malt with a tropical edge.
          46% ABV
          Single Cask Release - #LD2492 Single Cask Release - #LD2492
          The third and final release in the highly anticipated Single Cask Collection.
          43.6% ABV
          LARK x Del Kathryn Barton Art Release LARK x Del Kathryn Barton Art Release
          An unparalleled Australian collaboration with artist del kathryn barton.
          48.1% ABV

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          Whisky Taster

          A whisky taster's top skill is to identify the distinct characteristics of different whiskies. In a whisky tasting set from Lark Distillery, you'll receive a few bottles of our best whisky, and some sets will come with our Glencairn whisky glass. A couple of these bottles is enough for multiple whisky pours, making them perfect for a dram with close friends. 

          Our cellar door is open to the public, and you're welcome to drop by and sample our whisky. One of our expert staff will lead you on a guided tour, or you can choose which whisky you'd like to try. If you can't visit us in person, we recommend adding a tasting set to your next whisky delivery.

          Our online store offers a variety of Australian spirits including our famous aged whisky, Tasmanian flavoured gin, and other liqueurs. Any of these can be placed into order and shipped directly to your door. Our parcels are handled by Australia Post and will arrive in less than five working days, or up to ten for some regional areas. You will need to sign for all deliveries and provide proof of your age when you receive your package. 

          If you need any assistance in choosing a brilliant whisky taster set, please contact our staff, and they'll be happy to introduce you to the perfect one.

          How to taste whisky?

          If you're trying a whisky taster, understanding how the professionals do it can add to your experience. A whisking tasting should use three senses to build a complete flavour profile. Get started by pouring a small amount, about 15-30ml, of whisky into your glass. The first thing to look for is the colour. Hold the whisky up to the light and give the glass a gentle swirl. Watch the liquid as it moves around the glass. Try to describe the colours and how the whisky moves. Does it appear sticky, vicious, or free-flowing? Is it thick or thin? What do the colours remind you of?

          The next step for whisky tasting is the aroma. While the whisky is still in motion, breathe in the vapours. Your sense of smell is an excellent tool for triggering memories. What images do the aromas help you form? Try your best to place the scents you experience. You can inhale the vapours a few more times to keep your memories fresh. 

          Finally, sip the whisky and allow the liquid to roll over your tongue. The flavours may take a second or two to form fully. Use what you've experienced already and see if you can taste similar flavours to those you uncovered in the last step. Swallow the whisky, and check to see if there is an aftertaste. What flavours linger after the whisky is gone. Is it different? How long do these flavours last? 

          While tasting the whisky, taking notes can be a fantastic way to keep track of everything you experience. Now pour yourself another drink, and this time add in a few drops of water. The water will help dilute the whisky slightly, and this will make the flavours more apparent. Taste the whisky again, and see if your experiences are the same.

          Tasting whisky with others and reading the tasting notes provided can help you draw conclusions. Everyone experiences whisky differently, and it takes some time before you discover the full range of flavours in a single bottle of whisky.

          What are the benefits of drinking whisky?

          You'll find there are many benefits to drinking a high-quality Australian whisky. Whisky is considered to be a popular drink among sophisticated professionals. While whisky can help you relax at the end of an exhausting day, it is also a good way to pair with a meal. Matching premium whisky with the right foods requires a certain amount of skill. As you try to match food and whisky profiles, you are experiencing something new and exciting every day. A whisky tasting session can be seen as a social activity that can help you develop your social skills. Whisky is also an excellent addition to an evening conversation with the people you love. 

          A top-shelf whisky is meant to be savoured and sipped, offering fascinating flavours which are testament to the expertise of the distiller. Whisky tasting can be helpful for letting your mind relax while you discover what the whisky tastes like. The ease of relaxing with a glass of whisky at the end of the day will help you unwind as you savour the complexities of the liquid in your glass.

          What temperature should whisky be served at?

          It is recommended that all whisky be served at room temperature, which is between 15-20oC. If you live in a warm climate or feel the whisky is too intense, you can serve it in a glass partially filled with ice. If you're concerned about the ice melting and diluting your whisky, use a larger block, as they’ll take longer to melt. 

          You can invest in some whisky stones if you don't want to use ice to cool your whisky. When you want to cool whisky, you'll need to put a set of whisky stones in the freezer for a few hours. Whenever you are trying out our whisky taster set, it is advisable to either purchase high-quality ice or store a few whisky stones in the freezer. Visit Lark Distillery and find the perfect whisky for you and your loved ones.